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Sailing instruction for women, by women instructors.

"Women teaching women is an idea that really works", says Captain Fraker, "because female students are more relaxed in an all-female environment. Women seem to have a slightly different learning style", she adds. "They need to know why they are doing something, and once you explain, then they can do it with confidence!" MV Times July 1, 2000

Gain skills and confidence in a fun relaxing style.

Captain Lynne Fraker, who lives aboard and charters "Ena", has over ten years of experience teaching women to sail. Lynne learned to sail as a child on the Great South Bay. Captain Fraker has taught basic sailing and coastal navigation as well as live-aboard cruising courses.

*Half-day morning sails for 3 hours cover basic sailing-$99 per person (4 max per class)

*Full day classes cover more advanced cruising skills and include lunch-$200 per person (4 max per class)

All sails are weather dependent.
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Sail Ena

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